This scenic gem, a happy retreat from our teeming superhighways, is named for the five Bostwick brothers, who bought it in 1927 from William H. Beal, of Deerfield.

When they chose to sell it in 1967, because of the responsibilities it involved, the governing bodies of the Townships of Alloway, Hopewell, and Upper Deerfield saw an opportunity to take advantage of a blessing provided by the Estate of Frank H. Stewart, of Woodbury, and own it jointly, so as to preserve it intact for posterity. Such a beauty spot, they felt, was much too precious to fall victim to piecemeal development. In 2014, Hopewell and Upper Deerfield Township became joint owners of the Lake as Alloway Township left the coalition.

The Lake’s welfare is controlled today by a five commissioners, two from each township with a the two remaining Townships alternating a governing body designee every two years to serve as chairperson. These commissioners believe that Isaac, Garrie, Morvin, Eugene, and Harold Bostwick would all be pleased to see their intent so well carried out.

Nature lovers in this area are hence the beneficiaries of the wise planning which the aforementioned public spirited citizens dedicated to a high purpose in 1967.


1. The lake known as Bostwick Lake and lands surrounding Bostwick Lake, sometimes known as or referred to as Bostwick Lake Park operated by the Bostwick Lake Commission shall be opened to the public every day from sunrise to sunset.

2. From sunset to sunrise Bostwick Lake and the surrounding lands shall be closed to the public and there shall be no use of the property or entry thereon by the public.

3. Any person who shall enter upon or be found upon the waters of Bostwick Lake or the surrounding lands after sunset and before sunrise shall be in violation of this ordinance.

4. Any person in violation of this ordinance shall be subject to a fine for a first offense of not less than $100 nor more than $300 and for each subsequent offense a fine of not less than $200 nor more than $500.

5. The Bostwick Lake Commission is directed and requested to post signage at Bostwick and the surrounding lands notifying the public of the hours during which the premises are open to the public and providing signage with respect to the penalties which may be imposed for a violation of this ordinance.