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Convenience Center Hours of Operations - Open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 8 am to 5 pm   ...   HELP STOP LITTERING IN UPPER DEERFIELD-contact the Cumberland County Health Department at 856-327-7602 to report someone littering on our roads  ...  Pick up your 2015-17 Convenience Center Sticker at the Municipal Building    ...   Shoppers are encouraged to "Save the Trip and Shop Local."  See the Business Mall in the Economic Development Pages of this site.   ... 

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The Township would like to have your business email address in order to provide you with information that may be important to your business operation (loan programs, state legislation, township issues) and to seek your opinions on business issues. We would also like your business website address so we can list it on the Township's Online Business Mall located on this Website.  Your business email address will not be shared with others without your authorization and will only be used for official Township communications to you.  Use the form below to provide or change this information.

Please click the submit button when you have completed the information you wish to provide.  Remember to allow or not allow data to be used on the Township website by highlighting yes or no where indicated.  Thank you.


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