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Growing, Progressive Community Seeks To
Direct Retail Growth To A Planned Town Center


Upper Deerfield Township, in Cumberland County, New Jersey is experiencing the initial stages of what is expected to be substantial residential and retail growth. The planning board, economic development committee and the governing body have established a redevelopment zone and plan to manage the townships expected growth.

The redevelopment plan discourages scattered, big-box development and provides incentives for large and small retail development to occur in a planned, life-style center as part of its planned main street/town center. Upper Deerfield is seeking innovative retail developers to review its redevelopment plan and to make presentations to its redevelopment agency for plans to create the main street/town center and other aspects of its redevelopment plan.




  • 163 Acres

  • 2 Land-Owners

  • Greenfield

  • Public Water & Sewer


Upper Deerfield has determined that the area of the Township defined as the Redevelopment Area as set forth in the Planning Board’s Resolution No. 14-2001and pursuant to the Township Committee’s Resolution No. 9012, dated 6 September 2001 included herein by reference, has been determined to be an “Area in Need of Redevelopment” pursuant to the Local Redevelopment and Housing Law (N.J.S.A. 40A:12a-1 et seq.1). Accordingly, this area shall be referred to as the “Upper Deerfield Redevelopment Area” (“Redevelopment Area”).


The Township, having undertaken the prescribed process to determine that the Redevelopment Area exhibits conditions which meet the statutory criteria for an “Area in Need of Redevelopment”, must now prepare a Redevelopment Plan. This Redevelopment Plan will provide a mechanism by which the public and private entities will be legally linked for the orderly planning and redevelopment of the Redevelopment Area.

Such action will be undertaken in a manner that will be consistent with the applicable statutes and with the Goals and Objectives of the Master Plan of Upper Deerfield. This Plan will provide the planning principles to further Smart Growth within the Redevelopment Area – protection of the environment, high quality design / development standards, circulation planning, etc.

  1. Upon adoption by the Governing Body, this Redevelopment Plan shall satisfy all statutory requirements and constitute the legal prerequisite for the Redevelopment actions outlined herein.
  2. It will also provide a process which will form a partnership with private landowners to enhance and encourage private enterprise to develop land with public support and participation in a manner beneficial to both parties.
  3. It is the goal and purpose of the redevelopment process not only to provide incentives for controlled development within the redevelopment area, but to do so in a manner which is consistent with regional planning strategies, the State’s Smart Future Planning initiatives and environmentally sustainable techniques which render the redevelopment initiatives as a prototype for the immediate region as well as the State.
  4. The implementation of the redevelopment process will provide for various development options within this area – such development options may be carried out by Upper Deerfield Township, the Cumberland Development Corporation, or other private entities / developers. The decision of the Redevelopment Authority, as designated, to utilize an entity for a development proposal should not preclude the Redevelopment Authority from working with another entity (public or private) for a separate development proposal.
  5. This Plan may also provide for the opportunity to merge the efforts of the host community, Upper Deerfield, and the Cumberland Development Corporation with its participating member communities into a regionally competitive eco -agri business / industrial park that uses advanced sustainable techniques in the design of the park. Again, such proposal is only one of many options available to the Redevelopment
    Authority. The Redevelopment Authority has the right to negotiate a Developer’s Agreement with either one or more entities. By incorporating these purposes and goals via the redevelopment process, it is the intent of this Plan to create a participatory partnership between public and private entities that could maintain a competitive posture in the region.


  1. The Redevelopment Area is located in the Township of Upper Deerfield, County of Cumberland, and State of New Jersey. (See Exhibit B, Redevelopment Area Map). Exhibit C also illustrates Block / Lot Identification as well as adjacent infrastructure improvements.
  2. The Redevelopment Area encompasses infrastructure availability primarily via the Route 77 corridor as well as an easement that runs in a north / south direction approximately ±400’ east of the Seabrook Main Line Rail Road right-of-way, from Cornwell Drive at the southern terminus to Finley Road at the northern terminus, west along Finley Road to and north to Parsonage Road.
  3. The Redevelopment Area has a number of defining characteristics including the unique ownership patterns as noted by the following:
    • Privately Owned Vacant Land 725.28 acres
    • Privately Owned Developed Land 291.30 acres
    • Publicly Owned Vacant Land 0 acres
    • Publicly Owned Developed Land 45.53 acres
    • Total Acreage (excluding public rights-of-way) 1060.11 acres
  4. The Redevelopment Area is located in an area of the Township that is primarily used for agricultural purposes, with some commercial activity to the south and some industrial land uses along the western boundary line (adjacent to the Seabrook Main Line rail road right-of-way). Any proposed development must be done with respect to existing wetlands and any other natural features. Development must also be consistent with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection regulations and New Jersey State Development and Redevelopment Plan.

This Plan provides for development within the Redevelopment Area that encourages high quality, well-planned growth. It also provides a process which will form a partnership with private landowners to enhance and encourage private enterprise to develop land with public support and participation in a manner beneficial to all parties.

  • Tax incentives from 5 - 30 years as negotiated with the redevelopment agency
  • 167 acres available for professional office development
  • 163 acres planned for retail development
  • 450 acres planned for industrial development
  • Green, developable, open land
  • Infrastructure includes public water, sewer, electric, natural gas, rail service
    and telecommunications



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